Amir Wallet

The first profitable cryptocurrency wallet
with the possibility of Staking and Lending!

More than 170 thousand people from 70 countries trust us with their currency.

Why choose us?


Instant currency exchange
at a profitable rate (BTC, ETH, USDT)


Monthly interest accrual based on the minimum monthly balance (BTC 0,3%, ETH 0,5%, USDT 0,8%)


Built-in marketplace Sollar Gifts Shop offering a wide range of products
and services with international shipping


Instant P2P exchange across the globe


Subscriptions and additional services in one application


Qualified online support service


We make sure that your assets are secure and safe

  • KYC verification

    Amir Wallet works together with one of the leading players in the data verification market, the Swiss company Global Pass.

  • Licensable activities

    2 licenses issued by a European regulatory authority

  • Two-factor authentication

    Mandatory 2FA via Google Authenticator or via SMS

An ecosystem within a wallet

Sollar Gifts Shop

Offers you a wide range of products and services that you can get for Sollar-points. You can choose among the latest Apple products, event tickets, gift cards, and many onther things.

You can think of it as an online-shop – there is a cart, filters, and category-based sorting.



Get access to the services of Amir Capital ecosystem at a fixed value and monthly or one-time subscription fee.

There is one subscription-based service available at the moment.Amir Cell – the first profitable mobile service and internet provider for investors and everyone who wants to achieve financial independence.
It will turn your spendings into income!
Learn more at

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Interest accrued on the balance account

Amir Wallet is the first profitable cryptocurrency wallet.
On the first day of every month an interest is accrued on the minimum account balance registred in the previous month (BTC 0,3%, ETH 0,5%, USDT 0,8%).

Interest is accrued for all types of currency.

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10,000 accounts



Get monthly interest on your wallet

Invest Presentation

Monthly interest

By 3.6%


By 6%


By 9.6%



  • Are there any age restrictions?

    Yes, there are. Only people who are of age can sign up.

  • What types of cryptocurrency does the wallet support?

    Right now there are 3 types of cryptocurrency available in our wallet: USDT (ERC-20, TRC-20), ETH (ERC-20), BTC (BTC).

  • Is there a deposit or withdrawal fee?

    Withdrawals are fee-free if the withdrawal amount is:

    In USDT – 500$ or more

    In BTC – 0,05 or more

    In ETH – 1 ETH or more

    In other cases the fee is charged (according to the blockchain fees that are effective at the moment of withdrawal).

  • I haven’t received a registration confirmation email.

    Please check the Spam Folder.

  • Why am I asked to provide the company with my documents?

    The provision of documents is necessary solely to ensure the safety of your funds. Amir Wallet does not store user data. The collection and processing of information is carried out by a specialized company Global Pass – one of the leading companies in the market for providing verification services.

  • How long does it take to withdraw funds from an account?

    The timing of the withdrawal of funds from the wallet depends on the current load on the blockchain network. According to TRC-20 – several minutes, according to ERC-20 – depends on the selected sending speed, which you can specify (fast – up to an hour, slow – no deadlines, usually up to an hour, but depends on the load of the blockchain network), BTC – up to an hour .

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