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Reliability and securityof your


KYC Verification

Amir Wallet works together with one of the leading players in the data verification market, the Swiss company Global Pass



2 licenses, permits to operate in two jurisdictions: Czech Republic and Georgia


Two-factor authentication

Mandatory 2FA connection via Google Authenticator or SMS


Why do users choose us?

Exchange currencies

Instant currency exchange at a favorable rate BTC, ETH, USDT


Why do users choose us?

Accrual percent

Monthly interest accrual on the minimum amount that remained in your accounts for the last month BTC 0.3%, ETH 0.5%, USDT 0.8%


Why do users choose us?

Instant P2P

Instant P2P transfers between users anywhere in the world


Why do users choose us?

Built-in marketplace

Built-in Sollar Gifts marketplace with a wide range of goods and services, with worldwide delivery


Why do users choose us?

Support 24/7

Qualified online support 24/7


Why do users choose us?

Additional services

Subscriptions and additional services in one application



This is the utility token of the Amir Wallet cryptocurrency wallet.

Token type: BNB Chain

+ investment opportunities
+ 17 benefits
+ loyalty levels
+ the ability to buy a share of the wallet



A share token that provides the holder with the rights and obligations of the owner of the Amir Wallet crypto wallet (dividends, voting)

Current token price: 1.382 USDT

+ Opportunity to be a member of the company's board of directors
+ investment in a stable operating business
+ low barrier to entry into a promising niche
+ ~ yield from 26% per annum
+ growth in the cost of a share in proportion to the growth in the number of users
Ecosystem inside

Amir Finance

You can open investment accounts: transfer your funds to trust management. Asset managers work in the cryptocurrency market, multiply these funds and share part of the profits with investors.

Savings accounts with weekly returns and stable accounts with monthly returns

Ecosystem inside

Amir Invest

You can purchase tokens of promising blockchain projects at an early stage – presales.

Venture investments in new promising projects in the future may have a high potential for profit. (Letit, ACREI, Amir Finance Equity Tokens, Amir Wallet Equity Tokens)

Ecosystem inside

Showcase gifts
Sollar Gifts

Here you can purchase various goods or services with Sollar coins. To purchase the latest in Apple technology, tickets to events, certificates to supermarkets, and more.

It works like an online store. There is a basket, filters and division into categories.

Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

Are there any age restrictions?

Yes. Registration is available to persons over 18 years of age

What cryptocurrencies does the wallet support?

There are currently 5 cryptocurrencies available: USDT (ERC-20, TRC-20); USDC, BUSD (BEP-20); ETH (ERC-20); BTC (BTC)

Are there commissions for depositing or withdrawing funds?

Amir Wallet does not charge fees for withdrawing funds to an external wallet.
You pay only a commission in the blockchain of the network through which you withdraw to an external wallet.

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Why should I provide my documents?

The provision of documents is necessary solely to ensure the safety of your funds. Amir Wallet does not store user data. The collection and processing of information is carried out by a specialized company Global Pass - one of the leading companies in the market for providing verification services

What are the withdrawal periods?

The timing of the withdrawal of funds from the wallet depends on the current load on the blockchain network. According to TRC-20 - a few minutes, according to ERC-20 - up to an hour, but depends on the load of the blockchain network, BTC - up to an hour

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